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Apr 12, 2021

We buy your website!

Hi Guys,

I'm the CEO and co-founder of OneCommerce, a London-based company that operates & acquires digital assets, such as affiliate websites.

We're looking to buy content websites or e-Commerce businesses for anywhere between $100k to $5m.

Why us?
  • 0% transaction fee - We're not a brokerage firm, we don't charge a transaction fee, we buy stuff with our own money. It's typical for brokers to charge between 5% and 15%!
  • 24 hours response - If you reach out to us, we'll get back to you within 24hrs with a few times to organize a conference call / zoom to discuss your business.
  • No bullshit - a lot of brokers start by telling you your business is worth so much more if you work with them. They try to get a mandate and then disappoint you when it comes to closing any deal. We don't need any mandate, we'll give you a no bullshit answer straight after our call and give you with the weak points of your business.
  • We know the market - we receive deals from ~20 brokers and look at around 30-40 deals per week, you're not wasting your time with amateurs :tongue:.
How we work
  • You tell us about your business.
    • If you have a SaaS or a tech-heavy business, we'll bring in one of our in-house developer on the call to not waste your time.
  • If we're interested, we'll give you a LoI (Letter of Intent), this is a 1 page document outlining our offer.
  • Once you sign the LOI, we'll send you an Asset Purchase Agreement (APA) which is the final contract, it is typically 30-60 pages depending on the complexity of your asset.
    • For example, if you have a simple Amazon affiliate website with a few VAs, it's much simpler than if you have an e-Commerce company with staff, inventory, warehouse lease, etc.
    • If the APA is not clear, feel free to work with an Attorney. We can refer a few in the US that have worked against us and weren't too expensive (we always use the same attorney).
  • We typically deposit the money in a third-party escrow agent, which you can vet.
  • Once the Escrow has our funds, you transfer the domain name, website, trademarks, etc.
  • The money is released the same day.

Questions? Ask Me Anything

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