Domains Still, waiting to experience the power of Aged Domains?


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Jan 21, 2021

Still, waiting to experience the power of Aged Domains?

You’re not alone ✋

We’ve heard people say things like:

➡️ Why should I consider aged domains over new domains?

➡️ I don't know the strategy behind aged domains to make them successful.

➡️ I am afraid the value of an aged domain may not be worth its cost.

If you, too, face such concerns, keep reading...

An aged domain can be used to create an authority site or to boost up your existing site. ✨

It can effectively help to skip the sandbox period leading to faster rankings and traffic.

This means you can save up on your time, money and efforts spent in link building from scratch (giving you a head start over your competitors). ☺️

And it’s not rocket science!

It’s just a combination of the right domain with the right strategy.

You too can experience success, just like our friend below who trusted us:


So, let us introduce ourselves.

SerpNames is a domaining company.

We are a small but mighty team of ‘go-givers’ who believe in selflessly helping affiliate marketers and bloggers grow successful & happy. ❤️

Recently, this is what our client replied on asking why he trusted SerpNames:

That’s right! We’ve got you fully covered before, during and after your buying process.


By educating you about aged domains and helping you make an informed and intelligent decision.

Our go-giving principles prompt us to go the extra mile. So much that you might want to make an offer like this one, haha.

Just kidding though :wink:

All we want for you is to be able to create the niche website of your dreams. ❤️

Here’s how we make it possible for you at SerpNames:

✅ Aged authority domains that are expertly vetted: You get clean and high-authority domains in the most profitable niches.

✅ Each domain has a money-making idea: It will help you decide whether the domain is for you or not.

✅ Technical support: To help you get it right and make sure you get the maximum link juice from your aged domain.

✅ A free brandboard and logo: So that you can get started right away!

✅ And lastly, if you have any questions or ideas you want to discuss, you can shamelessly drop a message to our founder, Sumit, who is ever so happy to connect and answer queries. ❤️

We let our results speak for us. ❣️

Check out the performance of some of our clients’ sites:

You may register for our waitlist to get the latest broadcast of our new domains in your inbox:

For the above, mind you, the competition sometimes get fierce like this:


And this...

Or visit our existing inventory of aged domains on our website:


Do drop us a message and see you on the other side? ❤️



I'm not an expert when it comes to aged domains. Do you offer any guidance?

Yes! If you share your needs and concerns with us, we’ll selflessly guide you. Whether you are an affiliate marketer or blogger, we will be happy to answer all your burning questions so that you can make an intelligent decision before investing in aged domains.

Are the domains free from spam and penalties?

Yes! We spam-check all our domains through a strict set of guidelines. We also check Google Search Console for the manual penalty to offer you clean aged domains.

How long does it take for the domain transfer process?

Once you pay for the domain, you'll receive an email from our team for transfer details. Within 24 hours, you'll get the domain to your account.

Why do your domains look live with content?

We recover the original archive of domains to maintain the authority and get the domain out of the sandbox period. Thus, it helps you get faster rankings and traffic than a new domain.

How often do you update your aged domains inventory?

Our inventory gets updated every ten days. We send an exclusive broadcast emailer containing our new domains to our members (on the 1st, 10th and 20th) before making them available on our website. You, too, can join the waitlist.

What is the price of your aged domains?

The price of an aged domain depends on many factors including but not limited to niche, backlinks, brandable domain name etc. Accordingly we have domains starting at as low as $500 and can go upto $10,000.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay via Paypal, Debit/Credit Card, Wire Transfer, TransferWise, or Payoneer.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we do. Contact us for a customized payment plan for your needs.

Do you provide open files of the logo and the brand board?

Yes, we do. We have already created a logo and brand board for your website. Along with your domain, you’ll get the open files for the same.

Do you have a refund policy?

We have rarely come across cases where the client wants to return the domain. If you found the domain spammy/penalised or not what we promised, we’d be happy to give you a full refund.


BuSo Pro
Jan 21, 2021
Hello there,

Just one day to go to reveal our new batch of aged authority domains.

If you haven’t registered for the waitlist already, do it now.

The broadcast will go live on 20th July at 8 PM IST, so make sure to register before that.

Here’s the link to join it, and yes, you can unsubscribe anytime you want. ❤

Let me share a sneak peek of the domains you’ll find in this batch:

1. ************Pitbull. com
✅ 3-word brandable domain in the Pet / Dogs niche
✅ 17 years in the business
✅ Backlinks from Dogster. com, AnimalAlliancenyc. org, UnchainYourDog. org & more.

2. ********Coffee. com
✅ 2-word brandable domain in the Kitchen / Coffees niche
✅ 12 years in the business
✅ Backlinks from CoffeeGeek. com, BlackoutCoffee. com, Food52. com & more

3. ********Ballistics. com
✅2-word brandable domain in the Shooting / Guns niche
✅ 23 years in the business
✅ Backlinks from Angelfire. com, GunDigest. com, Calguns. net & more

These and many more such domains from profitable niches!

To view the details, simply register for our waitlist. You may also request a niche.

See you on the other side then.


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Jan 21, 2021
New Domains Update:

We've added 16 new aged authority domains in the most profitable niches to our inventory.

Some of the niches include SEO, Dogs, Fitness, Guns, Kids, Farming, etc.

You can find money-making-money ideas and the branding board for each domain.

Click Here To Check Inventory


BuSo Pro
Jan 21, 2021
Hello there!

8 new aged domains dropping today at 8 PM IST

Watch out for our mail & if you haven’t already registered, do it now.

Here’s the link to join the waitlist, and yes, you can unsubscribe anytime you want. ❤

Here are another 3 domains we’ll be broadcasting tonight. :smile:

1. ************Wise .com
✅ 3-word brandable domain in the Fitness / Weight Loss niche
✅ 18 years in the business
✅ Backlinks from MensHealthForum .com, TalkHealthPartnership .com, CulturaMix .com & more

2. ********Skiing .net
✅ 2-word brandable domain in the Outdoor / Skiing niche
✅ 21 years in the business
✅ Backlinks from StepOutside .com, SkiVermont .com, USDA .com & more

3. ********Food .com
✅ 3-word brandable domain in the Food / Recipes Agreement
✅ 8 years in the business
✅ Backlinks from SmittenKitchen .com, Foodista .com, RecipeGraze .com & more

See you on the other side?