Software dev diving into this world

Mar 5, 2019
Hey all! I’m a longtime software developer (Ruby + JS) that’s starting to dig into SEO, affiliate marketing, a whole world of things that I’m super inexperienced at :smile:

I launched a project at the beginning of the year (job board) that has been struggling significantly with traffic: enough so that I decided to start learning a bit more SEO, content marketing, etc. I came across a post on affiliate marketing and the problem solver in me was hooked immediately - I’m working on my own Amazon Affiliate site right now, writing down my experiences in a Notion doc to hopefully share at some point in the future (along with the success or failure of the project)

Happy to be here and have found this community! I’m not much of a forum poster usually, but I’ve already gotten a TON of value out of the content here so I’d like to give back as best I can, or at least cheer on folks who are a bit farther along than me!