Ranking For "X Deals" Keywords

Dec 11, 2018
Does anyone have tips ranking for "deals" keywords? Any secrets here beyond writing content and building links?

I'm asking because these should be different from the usual "best X for Y" and "X review" types of posts because of the way Google treats seasonality.

For example, If I search for "X Deals" during Prime Day, it will serve up the "X Prime Day Deals" page for me. If I search for "X Deals" on Black Friday, I'll get the "X Black Friday Deals" page, etc. Then after some time, those pages will drop off the SERPS for the generic "deals" keyword.

So there is this "X Black Friday" keyword that I'm going after now. Only one solid competitor, it's a perfect target. I have the boilerplate deals page ready, but I can't add any product-relevant content before Black Friday actually starts.

Should I just go for links, or is there anything else that I can do to keep the deals page relevant? Would adding "fake" deals from previous years with prices and discount % help Google see the relevance of the page?


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Sep 3, 2014
Those are "Queries that Deserve Freshness" (QDF). One thing that is going to largely influence your ability to get to the top and stay there for the period of time you need is to be constantly updating the page.

It's not simply a matter of updating it, but you need to go through the rigamarole of showing the updated date. I prefer to hide the publish date altogether too. And then mark the updated date up with the schema for "modified dates" too. I'd also have a sitemap registered with Google Search Console so they see your updated dates, and possibly be ready to "request indexing" if they aren't crawling it fast enough and often enough.

We have a thread going on updated dates here.

Beyond that, yeah. On-page optimization, off-page links, and general domain authority.