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Feb 27, 2018
BuSo's Press Release Service
What's up BuSo? I know I've seen a few threads and posts around about effectiveness of PR work and ROI. So, I decided to open up a service here with @The Engineer's blessing, offering a PR syndication service unlike the majority of the big PR firms that are out there. Affordable for the newbie spinning up a new venture, but still able to deliver a PR punch like you'd get from the "other guys".

How is this one different?
Simply put, you'll be working with me to create a PR for your business/website, and get it syndicated to as many places that will allow me to.

Previous clients have their PR show up/mentioned in:
  • Newswire
  • NBC local affiliate sites
  • Fox local affiliate sites
  • ABC local affiliate sites
  • Google News
  • Miami Herald
  • The Telegraph
  • The Tribune
  • and many more
Many PRs wind up reaching up to 450+ news syndication sites once published just because of the nature of the platform.

This Service Is For You If You Are A(n):

  • SMB that needs an extra "push" in your local market for exposure. Adding in your GMB listing and a YouTube video can bring a windfall of traffic to your site.

  • Corporation looking to have the press exposure you know you need, but you're sick of paying the "big boys" $500 and up for the type of reach discussed previously. Get the same quality at a fraction of the cost.

  • E-commerce platform looking to get some branding in their given marketplace, whether it be a re-brand, new product line, company update, etc.

  • Authority Site looking to add some media/branding to your site, or announcements of new partnerships, launches, product updates, etc.

  • Local Marketer/Local Lead Gen trying to get more calls for your client, push up your properties, or cannibalize the local market. If you're trying to beat Porch, 33 Mile Radius, or HomeAdvisor, you're going to have to be willing to do what they're not.

  • Agency looking to expand your product offering for your clients, but don't have the tools or platforms necessary to hit the "big guns" of PR just yet.

Fill out the order form, answering all questions. I'll message you after receiving your information, write the press release, and have it back to you within 2 business days.

Once you approve, I'll request:
  • Company Logo
  • Picture for your brand (this will be optimized with EXIF data and syndicated with the PR)
  • Page you'd like to target the traffic to on your site
  • YouTube Video Embed (if applicable)
  • Google Map Embed (this is recommended for ALL clients, regardless of scope. It reinforces that you're a real brand with Google)
  • Your NAP (Name, Address, Phone #) as it appears on your Google My Business listing. (recommended for all clients as well)
  • 2-10 keywords you'd like to rank for organically, preferably all related to the targeted page, your GMB, or your local service area. It will be worked throughout the PR for max saturation.
These will all be included throughout the PR and syndication partners' platforms.
So you'd be getting up to 450+:
  • GMB Embeds
  • YouTube Embeds
  • Unstructured NAP citations
  • Image embeds, complete with company EXIF data
Published and syndicated news about your company, media exposure, and potentially getting picked up by larger publication houses and news sites like Entrepreneur.

This can be a powerful tool in your arsenal, regardless of business type or size. If you've had anything news-worthy happen at your company, it deserves to bring you accolades, inquiries, traffic, and leads. Why not monetize what you're already doing?

Lead Times:
For PR creation based around awards, accolades, nominations, or the like, Turnaround Time is 48 hours from initial order submission for you to review.

For PR creation around anything else, the Turnaround Time will vary and will be given to you once order is received.

If you so choose, you CAN send me a pre-written PR, should you have writers and just need exposure. I would recommend some of the content providers on here, like WordAgents or others, if you'd like some awesome write-ups. (Note: I'm not affiliated with the writing services or any other service on here, but given the reviews and recommendations I've seen, I feel confident suggesting from BuSo). Average PR is between 300-800 words, start to finish.

Once approved, PR will be submitted during normal business hours (9a-5p EST Monday-Friday), as this is when the media outlet are available to me to publish for you. Turnaround Time on this process, complete with reporting, is 72 hours from initial PR submission.

You will receive a PDF with live links, a Google Index check, and a Google News check for your PR. All links will be images of the logos of sites that have syndicated your release successfully. Note: some syndication services don't report immediately, so you may still have an influx of syndication after you receive my report. This is a common occurrence, so keep the report handy for a quick-check.

You can order as many or as few PRs at a time as you like, with discounted rates based on number of PRs ordered at a time. I'm not offering this service anywhere else but BuSo at this time, so you're getting the only version of this that exists that I use for my own local lead gen, personal, and product sites. No variations, no substitutes, no "lite" versions. Pound for pound, the exact thing I'm using to drive activity, engagement, leads, phone calls, optins, and more.

In order to be competitive with other media outlets, press companies, and the rest, I've come up with the pricing below:

1 PR - $99
3 PRs - $270
5 PRs - $450
10 PRs - $750

This is based on the fact that a basic 400 word press release from PR Newswire is going for $445 for a 400 word PR, with an additional charge of $140 for every extra 100 words, period. You can do a quick search and find this info in PDF format for yourself

Yes, I'm severely undercutting them.
No, I don't care.

I'd rather deliver 4 star work at a 1 star price for BuSo than do the run-around and management for all the rest myself. Too much stress and BS associated with being a "PR firm" as opposed to just crushing the work and delivering

Agency/Reseller Pricing Available: PM or message through the contact form below, and I'll be more than happy to discuss with you about partnering up so you can add my service to your agency or business.

What is the turn around time of the written press release?
The turn around time for the first revision of the PR is within 24-48 hours.

What are the benefits of using a press release service?
Coverage Across Hundreds of News Sites
Having experience in this field, I'm able to guarantee a minimum coverage of hundreds of reliable news sites and syndication channels. For that reason, there are a variety of people who will have the chance to interact and engage with your PR.

Affordable Coverage
Unlike our competitors, our news coverage is available at a price you can afford. All your press releases will be covered in different sites at only $99. You will get a money-saving PR distribution service with a high Return on Investment (ROI).

Distribute News on Broadcasting Websites
From CBS, Fox, NBC, ABC, CW to Bing and Google News, I’ll distribute your PRs to all broadcasting websites. Not only that, I’ll post it on other premium news outlets for better results.

Do you provide bulk pricing for all agencies?
Yes, we offer bulk pricing for different agencies. Just fill out the form and we'll discuss special and competitive pricing.

Do you white label reports for my company?
I can white label all the reports for your clients, please get in touch for more information.

Do you embed videos in the PR?
Not only can I embed the video, but it's recommended. Just make sure your videos are Iframed.

Do you also embed maps in the PR?
Like videos, I can also embed maps in all press releases, but they have to be Iframed.

Initial Launch Bonus/Review Copy
Because this is BuSo and I really like the community here, I'd like to offer a substantial discount on the above in addition to the already low pricing. This is not to do anything more than get the ball rolling and allow you to see for yourself that my methodologies for doing PR CAN be useful in your business.

The first 15 orders placed will get an additional bonus package added to their PR purchase as follows:
  1. Buy 1 PR, get 1 FREE (2 Total)
  2. Buy 3 PRs, get 2 FREE (5 Total)
  3. Buy 5 PRs, get 3 FREE (8 Total)
  4. Buy 10 PRs, get 4 FREE (14 total)

1 review copy will be issued to any member with over 250+ posts to vet the service themselves with a review posted in this thread, please. :smile:

Thank you all!


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Jun 15, 2014
DKurtz reached out for inclusion in the marketplace. After having seen him argue (and educate) against the commonly held view of press releases for SEO purposes here, I was excited to see his offering was for press releases. DKurtz offered myself or any of the moderators a free copy of his service but none of us have the correct type of projects to take advantage of it.

Instead, he sent over a report for a previous release so I could see the end result and confirm things are as he says they are. The report comes as described above, with the logos of sites that have syndicated your release. What he also provided to make my life easier were custom Google searches where I could confirm the indexation counts on the normal Google index and within Google News. It checked out, and what's more is that the release wasn't syndicated beyond what he mentions. A problem with other releases is some providers will send it across their own networks of essentially fake sites to attempt to boost their deliverables... in other words across a PBN.

I saw no games like that being played. The release itself that I saw included the embeds mentioned above and were well written. While your results will vary based on the worthiness of the news you announce, I can say that the work itself is well done on DKurtz side. If wanted a release, especially for a local SEO site, I'd order with confidence.
Feb 27, 2018
13 Bonus Packages remain, press releases have been submitted and are syndicating for initial orders.

If you'd like to take advantage of the review copy for your business, PM me.

If you have additional questions, hit me up on Skype: marketingarsenal


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May 10, 2018
I've been on the hunt for someone to help post a quality press release across credible publications without the spam factor. I've also been looking into ways to obtain better local rankings (e.g. map pack). Admittedly,'s service peaked my interest because of his earlier comments in another thread regarding the poor quality of press release sites, which I agree with and @The Engineer seems to reference in his post above. was willing to answer my questions and address my concerns regarding the quality of the sites within his reach. We have since chatted more extensively regarding his press release service, as well as other services he offers relative to local and GMB optimization and related-strategies. I encourage you to contact him to discuss his services if you have something newsworthy to report in order to pick his brain regarding press releases and to discuss his practices for enhancing local listings.

His "customer service" is top notch, as he's extremely responsive and information is forthcoming. His turnaround time is also rapid. He brainstormed newsworthy ideas for my press release and he prepared an initial draft which was well written and captured the tone of a press release published in a major news outlet. I made a couple of tweaks and "syndicated" the press release accordingly. He provided me with a report after approximately two days (or thereabouts - it was quick). The report I received is eight pages in length and lists the sites containing my press release. The sites are credible news outlets, as advertised, and not the run-of-the-mill press release garbage (e.g. like PRweb).