Lost Hope - But Found It Gain!

Jun 20, 2019
Hey, everyone!

I am from Pakistan. 2 years ago I graduated from college. I was damn sure I would get my dream job. A job that was my childhood dream.

But I could not qualify for it even after all my hard work.

At the same time, I went through such a bad situation in my personal life that it was mental torture.
It crushed me. I lost all hope. For the next year or so I did nothing. No jobs, no social life, nothing. I just lived from one day to the next.

I thought nothing good will happen in my life again. I had No Dreams.No Hope.

I hated my life. I hated my self.

But I did not want to spend the rest of life like this. So I decided to change. To do something about it.

To get out of my hopelessness mentality I started looking for a job. I knew it would give me something to look forward. After searching for three months ( I had no professional experience) I got a job at VA Agency. I worked exclusively with Amazon sellers as their VA. In the start it was difficult, but I enjoyed it. Because my work started occupying my thought and time, in place of despair and negativity.

I worked at the VA agency for 6 months. The job taught me many things, most importantly discipline. Discipline makes a man happy.

For the first time in many months, I started to smile and started connecting with my friends. Life was good.

Ten after 6 months due to some family reason I had to leave the job. The next 2 months I spent solving the family problem. Which I have finally solved.

Now I am jobless. With only $20 to my name.

I am going to start my own VA agency specifically for Amazon Sellers. But first of all, I need my first client. A client that can I work for at least 60 hours per month as it will help me pay my bills. The ideal would be 80 hours a month client.

But I don't want to compete on prices. I have seen people from sub-Continent competing on price, which starts a race to the bottom. And it does not end well.

I want my agency not to be known as the cheapest but the best. But first I need my first client.

I am in a bad financial situation right now. But I am hopeful. And I look forward to a better tomorrow.

I would welcome all criticism and guidance. I will not like the criticism, but it will help me grow. And I want to grow mentally and professionally.


P.S: English is not my first language or the second. So please forgive any mistakes.