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May 29, 2019
Started IM about 7 years ago. When I was in high school I had a couple of months where I made 10k-20k, which changed everything, and was the start of the true belief that I could acquire vast sums of money relatively easily with just being clever on the internet. Spent a lot of time reading IM forums those days, especially Wickedfire, which was so unbelievably entertaining that I feel bad for whoever didn't get to read Wickedfire. I still laugh out loud when I think of the dickrolling.

Since then I have jumped around and made some money through things like: SEO (making and ranking my own sites), freelance copywriting, and some product sale attempts. Some projects have been relatively successful, but overall I have never gotten too far past paying for living expenses in the grand scheme of things. Have had 10k-20k in savings a few times, but never really prepared for the lean times. Had some streaks early on when I would get a real job, do it for a while, then quit in pursuit of internet money.

Currently I am flat broke. Last year I made 20k in a few months through a certain social media website. Then the website did a big update and really fucked my shit up, just as I was about to scale up. Then I tunnel visioned for about 6 months, blowing through cash, spending tons of time and effort trying to get the method to work again, convinced that it was only a matter of time until I figured it out.

Then one day I realized that it wasn't going to work, and had a minor internal crisis. Had been working my ass off for months and spending lots on it, then it just failed. Was depressed for a month or two, definitely -- feeling stupid and stuck. I took a good hard look inside and realized that I had tunnel visioned, and it was stupid, but I've started with nothing and done well before, so I can do it again. In the end I felt free.

I ran through my projects of the past few years - failures and successes - and compared them to each other. I found that in general, the most successful projects were the ones where I was

Scheming -- using my so-called brainpower to buck the trend and put a twist on something known, instead of following in someone's footsteps
Using my best skills -- copywriting and keyword research are by far my two more polished skills. My SEO success was due primarily to good keywords (my link building strategy is to buy links and pray), and my other businesses were most successful when it relied primarily on my copywriting, instead of other unpolished skills (advertising, link building, Adsense shit, etc.)
Having fun -- if I forced myself to continue a project against my instincts before, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth now

I'll be starting two case study threads once I can a couple of 1-word posts and beg members for likes via PM (joke). One will be about SEO, and one about gorilla marketing. Hope to connect with some smart members on here. In the past I took pride in doing everything alone and never shared anything out of paranoia, but things change.


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Sep 3, 2014
Yeah, that's the thing with SEO, PPC campaigns, affiliate marketing offers, exploiting social media... everything changes frequently enough that nothing is promised in terms of on-going success.

Having a real brand is definitely where it's at, when coupled with great content, most everything else takes care of itself.

I feel your pain. I know one of my weaknesses is getting attached to something and not letting it go despite it not doing as well as it should. I have my one project I allow myself to get that attached to, so I can treat everything else like it should be... a money-making project, not a precious baby to coddle and make sure everything is perfect.

Best of luck, looking forward to your case studies.