I'm Missing Some Valuable Backlinks

Jan 6, 2018
Hi everyone,

I have been on BuSo for some time now but rarely post. However, I need some help about a new site I am developing.

I bought an expired domain a few months ago with some nice links from top sites.

But some links arent going thru to the site. That is, the links arent pointing to the intended page. For example, a page url is: website.com/dothis. Now links that are supposed to go to this page are directed to website.com/cgi-sys/suspendedpage.cgi.

I believe that the original page was resolving to that suspended page when the hosting account of the previous owner was suspended. But I suppose that shouldnt be there once I set up a new hosting.

I have waited a few months but the redirect isnt going away. I have cleared cache and its still the same.

Is this normal? Have I lost those links and should just forget them (It is close to a dozen from high DA sites)?

Am happy to reveal the site to any of the reputable members here. And will really appreciate any help or suggestions.