I'll present my case, you have to give me the simplest way possible to solve the case.

Apr 1, 2022
Hey humans!

I'm Dan, 32 yo, new to this forum and no experience in digital marketing, but A LOT of studying.
I used to work in Neuropsychology, Alzheimer's diagnosis mostly, but now i'm feeling like i know enough to create digital products that can sell a lot, like the one i created about Depression.
If you believe me or not is not the question, the puzzle is:

Pieces i have:
  • A 115 page (without design or images yet) document about depression, the créme de lá créme, it is fucking beautiful. It could be 300 pages if i create more storytelling, but i'm tired already and want to use it as a MVP (minimum viable product). i'm a fucking nerd and i researched everything there is, neuroscience, neuropsychology, spiritualities (buddhism, hinduism, taoism, stoicism, etc),Cognitive behavioural therapy, psychoanalysis, etc... Inserted my storytelling and Japanese Koans, my lifestory as a depressed person who is no longer, that kind of stuff.
  • Enough knowledge to create everything by my own (ads, landing page, copy), and still be better than most fivrr guys who charge the minimum
Pieces missing:
  • The funnel which shows me all the way to the buyer.
  • Some kind of checklist or step-by-step to know what different ways i can do it.
  • Understanding of how foreign work works, in the sense that i'm in brazil and want to sell my product in India, USA, etc (it's in english).
  • Insights from whom walked this way.

    Thank you guys, i really don't know if this forum works that way, but i'm sure someone will say to me, or block me, and then i'll know.
*and sorry for the clickbait, didn't know what to write.
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