Hello BuSo world!

Apr 23, 2019
Hello, everyone.

I figured I'd start out with giving my background.
I have studied game development, and chose the specialisation of programming.
During my studies I created a game engine (nothing to be used professionally, but it was good enough for 3D PC games with realistic physics), modelled a lot, created textures and level design. I got pretty decent at drawing and Photoshop as well.

After my studies I decided started working in a big Health company. It was hard work, and I learned a lot.

This job did not last unfortunately. While looking for a job I started doing a little freelancing work.
I got contacted by a bank, to see if I could help them out with their homepage. (Not sure why they asked me, maybe they heard from someone I know)
I sold myself well, and showed them designs made in Photoshop how I intended what the final result would look like.
So somehow I managed to get a bank as a client. I had no Idea what html or css was, and never created a website before, that wasn't wysiwyg.
With significant effort I managed to hack it together and deliver the product, and I got paid.

I created a webshop in Wordpress, with mild succes.

Later on I decided to go in consulting (the webshop wasn't even close to a living wage).
The biggest upside I saw is that I would get to work in different environments with different technologies, and have quite a lot of opportunities to learn new stuff.
I decided against going into the game development industry because game developpers in my country are underpaid and expected to go "above and beyond". I don't mind giving my all, but back then my weekends where sacred. When I do overtime I expect to be paid. I heard quite a few horror stories of people that graduated before me.

My first project was creating a huge website for one of the biggest companies in my country. I had never created back-end for a website before. It was with C#. I only had 6 month's of lessons of C# to rely on, and that was multiple years ago.
Luckily, what I learned from freelancing was good enough to get started. While working on the front-end I slowly got accustomed to the back end. And the project became one of the bigger successes of my company. I have to admit my team lead was a very good developer that worked very hard, and I had the best Project manager I have ever met still to this day.
Anyway, we managed. Yay!
A few month before the finishing of this project, my webshop had it's biggest succes ever. In a week time, I sold products for more than 2.5k$. My margins where low, so I only made about 250$. The succes was almost entirely because I did a good facebook campaign (posting in the right groups).

Traveling to my job took 4 hours/day, and I could not keep up. I was burning out, so I gave up on the webshop.
I hate that I did that.
Eventually I managed to do some freelancing on saturdays.
It was a brick and mortar store, that wanted to increase their web presence.
My job was to increase their SEO.
I knew almost nothing about this, except the stuff I read for my own website.
Unfortunately, I got paid very little per hour ($8/h), so that was not reallty progress, so I quit that as well. But the people I worked with, where amazing to work with. They reminded me how much I love selling.

So, now I began knowing front-end development pretty well, and was getting better in C#. My confidence in my skills grew (while at the same time starting to see the insane mountain of knowledge ahead of me).

This is startign to get long, so I will try to keep it short.
After readling a lot on r/juststart, and Hublmesalesmand threads, I wanted to go into IM.
The I found BuSo, read the whole 30 day course, anda lot of threads of CCarter and Ryuzaki, and decided a simple affiliate site
wouldn't be the right start for me.

I want to restart my webshop. Rebrand, rebuild, and start selling. At least locally.
Currently I still have stock of back then. It's worthless now, and I'm deep in the red bacause of that. I don't care, I learned a lot.
(Keeping stock is a risk!)
I figured out ways to minimize the risk in my niche, and maximize profits. I have a new business plan.
If just posting in facebook groups can bring me $250 in profits (before taxes), before I have any name recognition, I can only imagine what the ceiling would be. Especially if I would use NORMAL margins (more than 10%...).
Unfortunately, with my new business model, I will only be able to sell the NEW things. I will not be keeping stock.

I speak multiple languages, apart from my countries language I believe my English is quite good, and apart from that I'm pretty good at German and French (French the least, but it's at least good enough to live in France, and read most stuff and get the gist).

I want to get the shop started locally and start selling, create revenue. Just list items, and promote on facebook.
Start to become an authority in my niche. I used to be one, as a person. But I couldn't keep it up.
To do this I will:
Write articles in my native language. First evergreen content, and mix it up with emotional pieces (I have a list of titles and subjects, as instructed as homework in one of the CC9 threads).
Create a system that auto-updates some of my posts, that will be used by a lot of people in my niche. (I don't think it will lead to sales in the short run)
Extend that system, with even more useful functionality. (I'm hesitant to say, because I think it's not smart to reveal my niche)
Use one of my friends (who is a real authorithy in the niche), to draw attention to my website.
Create a discord/forum/... that's closed to anyone that is not a customer or donator.
Me and my friend will at first be the main reason why people will want to join (gain insights of experts).
Extend the list of authorithy figures in the forum (will cost me some money).
Translate all the content to English, to extend the reach of my website. All the links to sales will not go to my shop, but to affiliate links. The English speaking pages will not have a link to my shop, since I don't sell there anyway.

I'm planning on rebuilding the website in Pico. I will have some questions regarding that.
The most pressing is this: I try to modify the Attache theme of Pico. But when I visit my pages with Brave, NOTHING shows.
Atm I expect that it is because Brave blocks javascript. I don't want people to not see anything because they use the wrong browser. If some things load, the user might figure out that they need to change some settings, but if nothing shows they will leave 100%...
I do need to do a lot more research on Pico, so I apologise if it is a dumb question.
Maybe I should open another thread for this...

For now, I want to do this while keeping my job (but maybe lowering it to 4/5 or 3/4 or something).

Apparantly I'm telling my life story here, and that's not the point. So I will end it here.
Thank you for reading!


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Sep 3, 2014
That's a great story. Thanks for sharing it and welcome aboard.

(I'm hesitant to say, because I think it's not smart to reveal my niche)
Yeah, usually it's safe to share a vertical like entertainment, health, fitness, technology. But you never want to get too specific. Competitors, the nosey, and saboteurs are around every corner.

I don't want people to not see anything because they use the wrong browser.
In general, I think 0.2% of all internet traffic ever has javascript disabled, and like 40% are TOR users purposefully disabling it. I don't know of any normal-people browsers that have it disabled by default.

I think you should take a look at some off-the-shelf CMS's (content management systems) for eCommerce shops rather than recreating the wheel. It'd be like coding your own blogging platform when Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, and a ton of others exist and have at least a decade of effort put into them already.
Apr 23, 2019
Ah yes I did not explain properly. My current idea is to use openCart to do the webshop part.
But the rest of the website would be with Pico (or similar).
The way I currently understand it, they both use twig. If think that by manipulating the template correctly, I think I can make it so user don't see a difference.
This way, only the webshop uses a database. And my articles and info pieces can be as fast as possible.

Currently I made it like this:

(Apparantly I can't use the link to show the image... Maybe because I am new?)
Maybe it's better to place in IN the Pico folder, I'm still working that out.
The idea is to create quality content the Pico way, since the articles shouldn't change over time.
And let openCart handle the ecommerce.

I originally used Wordpress with Woocommerce, but I felt it was too limiting. Maybe that was because I didn't have enough experience back then. I hope openCart is as good. If not I guess I don't mind going back to wordpress. It's just that after reading here a lot, I have lost faith in it.

If I understannd you correctly, I shouldn't worry about the fact that my site was invisible on Brave.
So I won't.