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Nov 26, 2019

Hatred's Niche Relevant PBN Links

Some of you might know me, some might not.
For those that don't, my name is Dillon but I go by "Hatred" on the internet.

I started selling PBN links in 2015 on Konker. In 2018 I created my own site and my buyers followed.

Over the course of 4 years, the biggest request has been Niche Relevant Links.

It's no secret that relevancy is starting to matter. It may not matter as much as you might think but I'll agree, a niche relevant link tends to look better.

Let's cut to the chase.

I'm not here to use a bunch of fancy marketing gimmicks or moot comparisons that have you questioning life. Let's talk PBNs.

Features of the Sites:
  • Domains bought from auction
  • True premium themes
  • True premium hosting
  • Social Media profiles
  • Optimized blog content
  • Supporting content
  • Macro-niche specific
  • About pages, author images, SSL, non-client articles...
Some Metric Screenshots

These sites are filtered based on my PBN analysis guide. I’m not a huge fan of algorithm generated metrics but some people like to see them.

Why this Stuff Matters?

My goal with this service is to create something different from traditional PBN offerings. I'm essentially combining the best features of a "guest post" and a network site.

The above factors make these sites stronger long term. Over time these sites gain traffic. Traffic usually results in gaining fresh links to the sites making them stronger.

These sites are actively attempting to rank for low hanging fruit in your micro-niche. That means sites that feature optimized articles, images, site speed, etc.

Are We a Good Fit

The first niche I have ready is Health. There are a total of 7 sites.

I have another 6 sites pending setup for the Business niche.
Edit 12/17/2019: These should be ready and completed in 7-10 days.

Over the course of 2020 I plan to add more niches but for now Health and Business seem to be my most popular.


This service will work on an application basis. Start by reviewing the restrictions/requirements below. You’ll then fill out a form detailing your URL and niche. I’ll review your URL and determine if you’re a good fit for the network. If your site is okay, I’ll email you back and I’ll then invoice you for the posts via my Panel.

Spots on these networks are limited and time sensitive. This is to ensure people can spend an ample amount of time on the homepages.

Pricing for these posts is solely based on niche. The health niche is more competitive and the domains are more costly. Which means a health post will cost more than a business post.

Health: $100/post - 2 Post Minimum Purchase

Domain Restrictions:
  • I don’t do posts for Porn, Casino, Pharma (cialis, viagra, Steroids, etc), Gambling, as well as other commonly spammed niches.
  • I don’t do posts for churn and burn properties. This means splash style landing pages that exist to solely monetize with an affiliate cookie.
  • Your site should have an existing link profile (25+ Referring domains), Age (6+ months), rank somewhere for your targeted keywords.
  • Your link profile shouldn’t consist of pure spam. What I mean is links from automated tools like GSA SER, SAPE, SENuke, spam blog comments, social bookmarks, automated profile links, as well as shit tier PBNs (for example:
  • Uses scholarship link building techniques.
  • Your chosen anchors need to flow in content. You don’t need to be hyper aggressive anymore and it sounds stupid to anchor with “best cbd for pet worms with anxiety.”
Violation of the above will result in your link being removed and I won’t allow you to order again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Turn Around Time (TAT)

Turn around time is hard for me to state.

It's highly dependent on how many posts you ordered, your personal drip feed requirements (I accommodate drip feed requests), as well as current order volume (so people aren't rolling off the homepage).

An Example order: You make a 2 post order, the minimum.

If you ordered 2 posts, time to first post would likely be 5-7 business days. This includes time for me to personally research your niche and find low hanging fruit for the target article as well as your topic cluster articles (4 total articles). This also includes time for my VA to write your articles and schedule them.

The posts then need to be spaced out accordingly in order to keep things natural and prevent any potential homepage roll-offs.

Can I See a Sample Before Ordering?

No. If this is an issue for you, I'd suggest not ordering or messaging me.

The best I can do in terms of samples is simply sending a demo of the theme being used and you can look at that. The setups are similar enough to suffice as a "sample."

I'm more than happy to have an admin review all the sites though.

Do I Get a Report?

Yes. A report will be provided when the last link is posted.

Unlike my other services, these sites are setup to resemble money sites. I also filter people based on the criteria above. I don't block any crawlers and they'll show up on Ahrefs, Majestic, Moz, and WMT.

These are Homepage Excerpts?


I wrote a guide on
PBN Myths that Suck a while back. One of those myths is that homepage links are the only ones that work. Truth be told, juicy juice flows regardless. Unlike guest post sites, you actually touch my homepage blog roll and stay there for weeks at a time.

Homepage links are kind of a huge footprint too.

Have more questions? Coolio.
Get in touch via the contact methods below.

Contact Details
Dillon [AT]
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The Engineer

Aegis Jaeger
Staff member
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Jun 15, 2014

During discussions, Dillon (@thisishatred) offered to let me take a look at a handful of the blogs in Health network. He actually offered a review copy, which I turned down. I only mention this to let you know there's no incentive on my side to influence my review, and to point out that was more than happy to be completely transparent.

Dillon shared a couple other marketplaces where he's been offering his services. I'm not sure that this is for the exact same service, but it does show his level of involvement in making sure his customers are happy.

For the three health sites, they look like this according to Ahrefs:
  • DR 17 / UR 30​
  • 101 RD / 850 backlinks​
  • ~300 keyword rankings for ~215 monthly organic visits
  • DR 34 / UR 10​
  • 107 RD / 1.96K backlinks​
  • ~130 keyword rankings for ~10 monthly organic visits
  • DR 28 / UR 8​
  • 83 RD / 215 backlinks​
  • ~170 keyword rankings for ~5 monthly organic visits​
I'm happy to see some traffic coming through. This is new traffic beginning to grow, as opposed to the crap you see some vendors provide where they sites are obviously penalized. I can see historical traffic too, and the sites weren't penalized then either. They seem to simply have been taken offline for whatever reason.

They were either registered in 2002 or 2003 and do not appear to have been dropped. One I was able to pull up on the Wayback Machine and the new site matches the old topic perfectly. One was 301'd ultimately to a new domain by the same owners, but I couldn't get either to load on the Wayback Machine, but the new site definitely matches the old topic perfectly. The other one had a ton of history and it was a real, high quality business site.

All of the new designs are modern in their theme design, have high quality content, and use what appear to be stock images that look great. They have nice logos, etc. They pass the visual test for sure. The posts I looked at have good link patterns. They link to authority sites, interlink to other posts, and some have a client link. It's not lazy or greedy, which is what you want if you want longevity.

That's what I saw when digging. Everything seems to be as described in the sales copy. If I was in the market for health posts, I'd feel good about these for myself or a client.
Nov 26, 2019
Thanks @The Engineer.
Just want to comment on: "I'm not sure that this is for the exact same service..."

This is a completely different service from the one I traditionally offer. The posts I sell on other platforms are my "general" niche blogs (most of my customers are through my personal site now).

They're affordable at $20 a post but they do have compromises in terms of content quality, hosting, etc. With most "general niche" networks the goal really isn't to pass manual reviews (from talks with a number of raters, they can spot a PBN a mile away). The goal is to pass algorithmic related penalties.

I definitely have similar restrictions on my general network, which is why my blogs last longer than most fly by night providers, but the services are basically night and day in terms of their offerings.

These niche relevant sites look better than most money sites. Traffic will continue to increase as more and more content is added.

Even in a niche like health.
What about EAT? Eat your heart out.


Business Niche (lead gen folks, that's you) is being added SOON.
I gave my setup guys Dec 24th - Jan 1st off so they were delayed.