Finally decided to be active - What I need to work on

Feb 28, 2019
Signed up a while back and just now deciding to get more active. I run a bunch of sites in totally random niches but make most of my income with a few gossip/news style sites. Trying to self motivate to make 2020 the year I really focus and get more organized. I have a tendency to jump from project to project and I feel like I am letting a ton of profit slip through my fingers. Trying to overcome some basic problems that I think trip up a bunch of IM people.

1. Don't waste time trying to do everything yourself. This is especially true if you have some programming knowledge. Why waste your time when you could pay a professional to finish it faster and cheaper. Don't undervalue your time's worth.

2. Don't project hop. In the past I would roll out new sites and spend a great deal of time getting the design and content done just to jump to the next project without doing what is needed to make sure it would be successful.

I am sure I could list 10 more but that is good for now.

One question. Any way to upgrade buso account with BTC?
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Sep 3, 2014
Welcome aboard, glad you're joining us in conversation. The more the merrier!

You know, I've gone through the waves of starting too many projects and realizing I can't possibly treat them all like they need, to withdrawing back to having only 1 major project. And if that hits a snag, you're in the same boat. You've got one or many projects that aren't performing like they should.

I think there's a balance to be had. I ended up doing everything in my power to fix the 1 major project, and then immediately (instead of waiting around) built another smaller static website that capped out at 20 posts. Then I started another big authority project that'll go on forever for the most part.

Spreading eggs into a few baskets does mitigate risk, if you can handle the workload. Spreading in too many just ensures none of the eggs hatch. But keeping them all in one basket can be a little too risky too.

I'm sure we could all argue about that all day but that's been my evolution over the decades about that topic.

Also, no, BuSo doesn't collect crypto. Thanks for asking. Hope you keep posting with us!