Fall Money! Time for the October Fires


White Hat Genius
BuSo Pro
Nov 7, 2016
So , as I said, September is the bad month. However, now we're in October. And business will start to take off.

If you do this right, you can change your life in a few short months.

Millions are trading hands as the holidays go on, it's all about knowing what product to sell and how to get the sales pitch.

You need to build your website to rank hard and heavy. You need news to go out, so the people can read and be 'funneled' to you. You need ads on social media, to a well targeted audience.

Anything that works, keep scaling until you burn out.

Ive already seen a take off in businss and I expect a lot of things to happen.

It may not be in the way you expected, but BE READY to accept the opportunity and push it the max.

And if you're a newb... with an idea that just needs an small investor.....a little money.. or maybe some writers... designer... and you can explain your vision well enough so someone else can understand.. Inbox me. I'm open to opportunities where I can help someone make money, by investing money, and make money myself from the situation at the same time.