Coming to America

Nov 14, 2021

Been playing the affiliate game since 2007, but only in my local language (Denmark). Also been doing seo works for some big international companies in Denmark.

Lots of ups and downs.. Panda, Penguin, ect..

The last few years My local market has become crazy competetive and im finding it more and more attractive to switch to a display ads business model.

But the amount of traffic in Denmark is not enough for me and also the cpm is often quite low.

So.. I made the decession to try out the english speaking market. Which of course does not make a lot of sense, since My english is quite bad.

But I am hoping My technical skills and seo knowledge will save me.

I started My first site in english and I am slowly building up content (outsourced)..

Planning to invest 2000$ in content each month and try this for a year or two, to see if i can Get international success.

Joined this forum to learn about the us market and display ads and maybe share some of my seo knowledge.