Better late than never

Jul 7, 2018
Greetings Nerds,

Long-time lurker, newish poster. I had an account before but it has been lost to the digital ages (it was a stupid name anways). I've been lurking around reading and absorbing information in this space for the better part of a decade, maybe more. I bought my share of crappy ebooks in the beginning, and quickly cultivated the ability to read between the lines and try to see what was really going on -- or not going on with many pitches.

I've built several SMALL businesses based on the ideas and techniques I've found and learned some very expensive lessons extremely cheaply, but I have always been defeated by massive roadblocks/life events. Several years ago, around the time of the CC9, I was ready to take the plunge and go all-in. I was ready to burn the ships as @Ryuzaki or maybe it was @eliquid or @CCarter (I haven't been able to find that post again... yet) had said to do in one of their epic posts.

But I took a look around, gathered my own inventory, and found that years of waiting tables to make ends meet had left me with little in the way of ships. I had no degree, no career path, no car, no assets, and little did I know at the time, soon to be no social circle from a bad breakup.

There, standing on the edge of the void, I chickened out.

I rationalized it, I told myself, "You can't burn ships you don't have." "You have to have a life before you can sacrifice it at the altar."

I had to make myself better.

So I went back to school, into the black hole, at 27.

Halfway through, I got a job cold calling for a small 20 person SaaS selling SEO ranking tools to Mid and Enterprise level clients. It was a bootstrapped (mostly), extremely lean operation, that had just taken on a bit of capital to grow the sales team.

I got an Associates Degree, and a certification or two. I'm now one semester away from my Bachelor's degree in Management Information Systems. I've worked my way up from cold calling to IT/Tech Support to CRM Admin and finally to a systems analyst position. The company has quadrupled in size and revenue. We are closing in on some pretty significant targets, I get to hone my skills (some of them...), learn the industry (parts of it...), get valuable certifications (Salesforce, Marketo, PMP), Manage large projects, and watch software sales and purchasing from both sides.

But guess what returned?

The call of the void.

The closer I get to the end of the tunnel, the louder it gets. It's like a train whistle blasting at this point. Every day is groundhog day at the office. I build on top of a foundation that I didn't lay and no one else knows. Things fail at random from lack of planning and systems implemented years ago and it's a constant game of whack a mole on top of a house of cards. I've done what I can but I am passing torches as fast as I can and there is still so much more to do. I'm just one man. I just keep the train on the rails as long as I can while attempting to build more rail line for the miles ahead when time permits.

Imagine how I felt when pulling out of my tunnel vision and starting to try to remember who I was and where I came from (and most importantly where I was going when I started this path) when I noticed an email from BuSo in my personal email account -- and when I came here there were still people actively contributing!

Spoiler alert: I was fucking thriilled

It's a little quieter than it used to be, but I don't mind that. I'll be making plenty of noise around these parts in the days, weeks, and months to come.

I just have to dust of the rust and cobwebs.

My Strengths:
-Fast Learner
-Tech Savvy
-Longtime exposure to industry

My Weaknesses:
-Imposter Syndrome
-Survivor's Guilt
-Semi-Rusty Web Skillz

My Opportunities:
-ANYTHING-- after being exposed to the relative "talent" level of many of the people I have come into contact with, I feel confident I can do better in whatever I do than 90% of people

My Threats
-Family and Life "Obligations"
-Financial weakness - I'm a poor student, I did get a raise recently, but after COL in a HCOL area, transpo, food, sanity, I've been running a deficit.

Favorite Marketers

Above mentioned BuSoErs of course (not in order hah)
u/humblesalesman (deleted account but content is still out there)

More that I will remember as I find them again.

My goals:

I plan to embark on a journey to success (defined as learning, growing, and hopefully profiting) and document it in a Lab thread. I have a few ideas, and a few more, but laying the proper groundwork in terms of market research and strategy will be key.

Extremely happy to be back.

Stay Tuned.
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Jul 7, 2018
I asked the mods to move this into the Intro sub section because I posted it in the Orientation section by mistake. It looks like @en3r0 's response didn't transfer, as well as one of the images in my post.

I was able to edit the post once, but cannot seem to do so again to re-add the picture (the link could have also been broken because I didn't bother to re-host it). Short of finding the edit page in my browser history, is that supposed to be like that?

I should probably start staging my content, and everything really to avoid so many edits, but I'm a do it live kind of guy, I cut through red tape like a warm knife through butter.



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Sep 3, 2014
I've been and will be indisposed for a few more days, but I've been trying to check in. I edited your broken picture out because it created a URL link for some reason. It was some kind of .webp file format that didn't register either. But I edited it to get rid of the link. Sumimasen!

And while I was at it en3r0's post broke a rule so I deleted that too. But I did manage to move your thread. 1 right doesn't fix 2 wrongs...

Anyways, welcome! I read your post and found it interesting. It's not often you see someone with current success wanting to or even being willing to jump into the void. Usually comfort is too much of a friend and enemy. Your experiences and exposures make it sound like you could certainly make it happen, especially if you do it along side your day job work and outsource as much as possible. In your case I wouldn't recommend just taking the leap, because the cash flow is a far greater asset to have than having more time to work. Because the cash buy's other people's time, and yours will be of short supply regardless. 16 waking hours is only 16 hours. It runs up fast.

Wasn't localcasestudy the same guy as humblesalesman? I'm not sure if you're aware but @localcasestudy gave us a Christmas present, which I think is the currently most viewed thread on the forum: Currently over $2 million in annual revenue and how I got here. He was one of the earliest member of the forum.
Jul 7, 2018
I hope you are well, and indisposed means on vacation, but if not (and even if so), my best wishes to you.

I have admittedly missed a lot. Speaking of Localcasestudy... Funnily enough I operate in the Local SEO space exclusively... currently. I knew humble wasn't out of nowhere -- I just couldn't place the writing style. But I knew he either was from here, or would end up here.

I'm sure you can pinpoint my company, I won't shamelessly promote here, this is my safe space. I posted it from an unmasked work IP that is most definitely tagged by many data providers. I'm extremely proud of where I work, however there are still MAAANY more miles of track to be lain before I say my farewells. We go up against giants daily, some of whom have taken on multiple rounds of funding 20 to 30 times our (meager) total sum of debt equity -- and WE WIN. It's exhilarating and inspiring, but the grind is real. I live in the digital mines, and have only recently been able to come up for air (and it was almost too late)

But I exist on the business side. My first love is tech, well my real first love is the food and hospitality industry, but business, and more specifically the transmission of ideas, data, information, and most importantly value from person to person, by any means, really, has always "spoken" to, and called to me. Partnerships and synergy and all that word salad ambiguity plus the thrill of success -- or the crushing depths of defeat -- are the hardest, most rewarding parts of my job. And If I can master any part of that -- I win.

And I love my fucking job. I scored.

I'd like to say I planned it, and looking back maybe I did, unconsciously. But in reality there's no fate but what we make for ourselves.

I elbowed my way in the fucking door and took my rightful seat -- I just got lucky in that it was the right door.

I'm actually an extremely lucky guy and if I can do one thing here, I want to pass along hope to passersby who are intimidated, or think they can't cut it, or they don't have the tech chops to "make it" in whatever they want to do.

I want to do this because in the depths of my black hole I painted a picture of what I wanted my life to be like, and now that it's real, I have to paint a new one. What a fucking problem to have, right?

I want to be a Bob Ross in this industry. Or a Mr Rogers. There's fucking hope goddamnit.

Because you guys were a form of that for me.

Why now though? What's different about this "time"? Well I could Lawyer you and argue about time and now and everything else, but the truth is, I've been struggling with mortality for a few years, for many reasons, and a close friend and co worker passed away a two weeks ago.

He was (is) a tru Zen Master: unassuming, humble, well-spoken, kind, I could go on and on. A sleeper agent on the battlefield. He closed a MONSTER deal the day he died.

But he took a nap and never woke up. Freak medical thing.

If and (let's be real) when I go, I want to have no regrets. And If I don't do this now, nothing else will ever make up for it.

I'm making a new painting.


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Jun 20, 2018
Op, this is a great forum, when I'm not drunk and terrorizing the mods I'm usually soaking up as much as I can. The only person who I haven't figured out is ryry, other than that I've done business with almost every moderator or senior member here. If it wasn't for grindstone I'd not even be here, I trust that man and he referred me to here. Good place to be.
Oct 24, 2018
Ahhh now THIS is the BuSo I remember. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. I’m looking forward to following along.