Amazon CPM Ads to be retired on September 30, 2018


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Sep 3, 2014
Important Notice
  • We are retiring CPM Ads on September 30, 2018. If you are currently participating in the CPM ads program, the last payment will be issued 60 days thereafter, and the reports will be discontinued on December 31, 2018.

That's what you'll see if you log into your Amazon Associates account today.

To reiterate, here's the timeline:
  1. CPM Ads ended on September 30th
  2. Last payment issued on November 30th
  3. Reports discontinued on December 31st
Be prepared, especially if you don't use a waterfall but use an ad server.

My commentary: All they had to do was get their ads SSL compliant and then get them loading Asynchronously. They never did. Their CPM rates were great. I loved having them at the top of my stack but when going HTTPS became non-negotiable and they never kept up, they doomed themselves. And of course, having their ads block the rendering of your page sucked too.
Sep 17, 2014
That's too bad. I tried them and everything seemed fine to me. I wasn't on HTTPS yet. I did notice some render blocking issues though when an ad would lag, which stopped everything below it from loading.

There's no way they couldn't have made a huge ROI on this if they did some outreach to big brands. I don't see why they didn't support the tech and get it set up right. It probably doesn't matter if you're using a header bidding server.

They're still having issues with OneLink and OneTag. I see so many people say that as soon as they turn it on their earnings tank, and as soon as they turn it back off it comes back. I think you even said that on here once. Something to do with Ad Blocking, which could be the problem with the CPM ads too.