Alpha Investors is hiring an SEO manager.


BuSo Pro
Oct 20, 2014
You'll work on our own portfolio, clients' sites, and inbound deal flow @ Investors.Club

What are the requirements?
  1. At least 3 years as an SEO strategist
  2. Deep knowledge of analytics tools (e.g., Google Analytics) and keyword research tools (e.g., Ahrefs)
  3. Up to date on the latest trends in SEO
What will you do?
  1. Keyword mapping & research - Build a content plan for 3-6-12 months, identify 10x opportunities
  2. Improve performance of existing pages (onpage & offpage optimization) - You will be tasked to design a process to preserve our existing KW rankings, make improvements to our SEO pages and keep a track of important pages.
  3. Monitor performance of our pages for important KWs - This involves constantly staying on top of ranking changes, taking corrective actions to fix ranking drops, replicating initiatives that got us ranking increases, and analyzing historical SEO data to build our internal SEO improvements playbook.
  4. Work with our Content and Project Managers - You'll work with the content manager on implementing content for new pages, help them out with page structure required, write SEO guidelines, and audit content created by our Content Manager once they've implemented your suggestions.
  5. Proactively bring up new SEO initiatives and implement them - This is a big one. We expect you to constantly remain updated with the latest SEO information, new SEO tricks & tactics to try, monitor our competitor's SEO strategy, etc. SEO is ever-evolving and we need you to constantly lead an evolving SEO strategy at Bonsai.
  6. Conversion Rate Optimisation of our existing SEO pages - You will find ways to improve conversions from our existing SEO pages while balancing user intent.
  7. Own tech SEO optimization - You'll keep a close eye on page speed, user intent, page structure, sitemap, site structure, etc. and execute the changes yourself whenever needed.
Salary: It depends on what you're bringing to the table. Ranges from $30-60k (plus bonuses, retreats, education). It's a 100% full-time remote position, no country restrictions.

DM me if interested.