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Oct 1, 2021

Hey guys Pagey here,

I will keep this short since no marketer likes reading long boring sales threads.

I'm an SEO(duh), I do affiliate mostly and also do local/e-commerce for some friends and we all make some honest money as a result

Since I am involved in all types of projects, I had to find a scalable solution to build backlinks.

Guest posts
Sure, citations are good, HARO links are cool to have.
But the base most tried and true method is guest posts.

No rocket science is involved:
  1. Build a list of targets
  2. Filter by Ahrefs then manually check for any funny business
  3. Write some emails & articles
  4. Boom. Done!

You can leave me and my team to do it for you

While you focus on creating a great website.

I can offer the following:
DR20+, Traffic 1000+ for 190$
DR40+, Traffic 1000+ for 230$
DR60+, Traffic 1000+ for 270$

This means if I find a DR 61 that works for your site, you will get that link.

That means no PBNs or guest farms or other shady stuff.
Real websites.


Do you offer a guaranteed DR 40+, 60+?

Yes, added options for those.

Do you offer any entity SEO optimization?
Yes, we will try to add the name of the author/brand or any other things related to your brand in the article.
For example, for a local plumber, we would also mention the address, name of the plumber, etc.

What niches do you accept?
For more "hot" niches such as Casino/Gambling/Betting/Adult/Dating/Smoking/Vaping/CBD message me in private. We can only accept on a case-by-case basis.

What is your TAT?
2-4 weeks for orders under 20 links per month.
3-6 weeks for 40+ links per month.

Do you offer refunds?
If we are unable to create the links, you will get a full refund.
We can't refund an already started order.

How many links do I need?
I will be brutally honest here. In my experience, if you can't build at least 3 links per month you are wasting money buying guest posts. You would get better ROI buying content, and finding lower competition terms.

Do you accept crypto?
Yes, I am a big fan of crypto in general

Do you offer any discounts?
Yes, if you can guess what game my avatar is from, you get 10 souls off…. Err 10$.

Message me on Skype:

Click here to order.

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